After Reading The Sexual Politics of Meat

After Reading The Sexual Politics of Meat
by E.H. Thatcher

“Through butchering, animals become absent referents. Animals in name and body are made absent as animals for meat to exist.” - Carol J. Adams

the rooster,
golden clawed.
redheaded hens
murdered and dressed
sexy in rooms
of spotless metal.

strutting through
a wooden coop.
unseeded ova
in little woven
baskets, unaware
of their half-formed 

fate. split and sizzle
into bellies
of pale skin.
him, left alive
to herald morning,
to trickle

into each day.
his mangled
left claw drags
the body down,
a flaxen drape
clutches nothing. 

in the coop,
shadows masticate.
nests, upturned
straw hats, empty
but for one
blue egg.
and unfertilized. 


E.H. Thatcher received his MFA from Chatham University, where he served as the Margaret Whitford Fellow. His work has recently appeared in Soul-Lit, Up North Lit, Gyroscope Review and The Detroit Socialist. He's working on his first book of poetry in Hamtramck, Michigan. You can find more of his work at