Hiking with an Erasure Heart

Hiking with an Erasure Heart
after Adrienne Rich’s “The Floating Poem, Unnumbered”
& years of Emily Dickinson
& Sappho
      By Sarah Cooper

plant some hydrangeas 

                        no-exchange rate currency

If hope                        buy leashes  

things with feathers fly away?

be fair [


                                                       ] earthy things

               wet dirt on boots                               calloused hands

      handle, remember   thicketed bones of your torso [

                                                  ] blood pump is

                                     cylindrical symphonies                     


serenade space                   one’s partner

                  somewhere else, some colder town


contours of pain.

Sarah Cooper lives in South Carolina and teaches literature and women’s studies at Clemson University. Her forthcoming chapbook, Permanent Marker, will be released spring 2020 by Paper Nautilus.