Love Theme to Con Air

Love Theme to Con Air
By Jennifer L. Knox

My flowing hair’s a spider’s web
and check out what’s been caught
in it: rapists, psychopaths with more
hair, or no hair, and the blood—
but you’re my friend, right, John?
I mean we’re handcuffed
to the same armrest.

I’ve tried to write a poem
with this title for 15 years. Why?
Damn—John just missed me
again, gun dumbly drawn
in my bullet-sprayed wake again,
and again. Maybe that’s why:
John is searching for me and I
would like me some finding.

These doomed Bozos
in their orange jumpsuits—
ticking like bombs—
are ticking like bombs.
Laughing at everything
I’ve loved, or remember
loving. It’s been so
long, I forget. Now

it’s show time for real.
Here’s the rabbit with a ripped
ear. They could not
drown it in their laughter
for I’m fishing shit out
of the river of light, right
and left, till John
gets here and we form
our famed four-legged
tripod of love.


The New York Times Book Review said Jennifer L. Knox's new book, Days of Shame and Failure, "hits, with deceptive ease, all the poetic marks a reader could want: intellectual curiosity, emotional impact, beautiful language, surprising revelation and arresting imagery." Jennifer is the author of four books of poems. Her work has appeared four times in The Best American Poetry series as well as The New York Times, The New Yorker, and American Poetry Review. She is a 2017 Iowa Arts Council Fellow and the curator of the Iowa Bird of Mouth project.